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Jubilee Life Mortgage Bank

Jubilee Life Mortgage Bank

Jubilee-Life Mortgage Bank Plc is a leading primary mortgage Bank in Nigeria. It was incorporated in August 1992 as a private limited Liability Company. Since its inception, Jubilee-Life Mortgage Bank Plc has evolved into a mortgage Bank with a global outlook whose activities have extended beyond the shores of Nigeria. The Bank has attained significant growth and emerged as a giant in the mortgage banking sector in terms of assets, loans, deposits, profitability, and branch network. We attribute our success to our commitment to deliver safe, viable, and affordable housing solutions which address the housing deficit in Nigeria.

Owing to Nigeria’s exponential population growth, the need to deliver affordable houses for individuals within Nigerian societies cannot be overemphasized. As a result, Jubilee-Life Mortgage Bank Plc strives to meet the identified need. Our expertise in the mortgage banking industry gives us leverage in our quest to alleviate the myriad challenges hindering national housing development.

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